A Holistic Approach to Data Protection

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What is Holistic Privacy?

Our Philosophies

We believe that implementing privacy requires a technical, legal, and compassionate approach. Our methods involve having open communication with key stakeholder to understand how we can create differentiation through privacy. Making privacy a business driver will allow the organization to be more agile as regulations are coming into effect around the world. We use a risk-based approach to ensure that investments in privacy have tangible impacts on the organizations.

Thoughtful Design

Work within Your Frameworks

Seamless Integrations

Future-proofing for Growth

Delivering On-Time

Transparent Building

Comprehensive Requirements

No Last-Minute Changes

Building Right the First Time

Exhaustive Documentation

Guaranteed Support

Industry Expertise

Quick Response Times

Ensure Usablity is Delivery

Support Adoption and Maintenance


Services that we provide

Privacy Review

Review and provide privacy risk mitigations for services or tools

Data Anonymization

Design/audit solutions for improving data masking techniques including statistical analysis of current implementations

Full Service Consulting

Manage or support full stack implementation of privacy technologies or programs

Privacy Education

Create customized data protection education programs to compliment existing or new security education

Privacy Engineering Roadmaps

Work with organizational engineers to design roadmaps and prioritization based on legal requirements for existing risks

Process Improvement

Audit and provide actionable insights to improving privacy processes at the organization

About Me

Jake Ottenwaelder

Principal Consultant

After starting my career in cybersecurity, I transitioned my expertise into data protection.
I find privacy to be an interesting space where I can combine clear technical requirements with ethics. I enjoy balancing business needs with a strong focus on providing users with the privacy rights that they deserve. I have a strong background in the various state and international regulations that are currently or quickly being implemented. I have worked with large companies, startups and government organizations to improve data protection and process automation.

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Based in Seattle


Overview of Completed Projects

Implement Consent Management


Improving Anonymization

Plume Design

Data Cataloging

Plume Design

Fixed OneTrust


Privacy Reviews

Plume Design

Masking Algorithms

Plume Design

Designed Access Schemes

Plume Design